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Brey Krause Lap Belt Mounts, Long Inside Lap Belts, Pair
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Material: Tig welded, type 304, stainless steel. 
Finish: Satin Finish Stainless 
Weight: 6oz. 
Models: All 911, Boxster and Cayman models 
Installation: Secures snap-in lap belts to factory tunnel side (inside) seat belt mounting point. 
Miscellaneous: Allows user to remove and install belts in seconds. Will not interfere with factory seat belt.

R-9001, R-9002 & R-9004 Installation instructions R-9001 Tunnel Side Lap Belt Mount R-9004 Extra Short Tunnel Side Lap Belt Mount *R-9002 Additional Hardware Kit for >85 - >89 models TUNNEL SIDE LAP BELT MOUNT *(1985-1989 models require additional hardware kit model R-9002) The Brey-Krause tunnel side lap belt mount provides a mounting point for snap in lap belts without having to drill holes through the body shell. The R-9001 is recommended for most factory and aftermarket seats. The R-9004 is recommended for seats mounted very close to the ground, such as the Racing GT3 seat with direct floor mounting. Note: this product is designed for driver=s Ed use. Step 1. Remove seat track to floor mounting bolts and position seat to gain access to tunnel side seat belt mount located on inside seat track. Step 2. Remove factory bolt and washer that anchors the factory seat belt. Step 3. Verify the style (A or B) of the mounting point on the seat rail as shown below. If the mounting bracket does not have a shoulder that the factory belt fits over, then the R-9002 hardware kit will be necessary for proper installation. It is the responsibility of the installer to verify proper thread engagement of the supplied hardware. Step 4 Reinstall seat. For a style A (with shoulder >90 & newer) replace bolt and washer with Brey-Krause components supplied with R-9001

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