Our Story

In 2011 I was “encouraged” to take the used Viper I had just purchased to a trackday event. “All you need is a helmet,” I was told. (Yeah, right…) As it turned out buying a helmet was not as easy as it sounded. There was nowhere in St. Louis to buy a helmet. The only place to do so was online so I did that though I was somewhat annoyed that there was no place in St. Louis to try on a helmet before buying it.

A few years later, we decided to rearrange some warehouse space creating open space from an otherwise unproductive but climate-controlled area of our warehouse that is home to Chart Distribution, our regional lubricants distribution business. It occurred to us that we could use that space to offer car storage to the public which then led to the thought that people storing cars would likely be enthusiasts and might be racers in need a somewhere to try on and purchase a helmet – and St. Louis Race Gear was born. We went to our first PRI Show in 2014 and were fortunate enough to establish a relationship with our first supplier, Racequip, who really helped us tremendously in getting started. Shortly thereafter we added Simpson/HANS and Traqgear trackday SFI apparel.

In 2019 we heard that the owner of U.S. Race Gear was selling off his inventory in preparation for closing down prior to his return to dentistry. We made contact and acquired their inventory, customer list and website. The business of U.S. Race Gear also brought us supplier relationships with Alpinestars, Bell Racing and several other niche brands.

Today we proudly stock a broad lineup of Alpinestars Auto and Karting Suits, Gloves, Shoes & undergarments; Bell Racing Helmets; Racequip Helmets, Harnesses, Suits, Gloves, Shoes and Undergarments; and Simpson Helmets, HANS devices, Simpson Hybrid and Hybrid S Head & Neck Restraints, Gloves and Shoes, as well as those other niche brands.

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